Watertown Police are investigating a frightening ad on Craigslist that eventually turned out to be a hoax, but the poster could still face criminal charges.

The ad targeted the Watertown area and claimed to be from a couple who had a two month old baby for sale. The asking price was 15 hundred dollars.

The ad says, " my wife and I recently had a child that we cannot take of. We are looking for someone to give this child a forever loving home."

The ad goes onto say that the baby cries alot and that a "rehoming fee" of 15 hundred dollars applies.

Watertown Police said they received many calls about the ad and they quickly contacted Craigslist, who pulled the ad.

They tracked down the poster who said it was all a hoax because he wanted to show the public how ridiculous some of the ads are on the website.

One Watertown Police sergeant says they are now conferring with the District Attorney's office to determine whether any criminal charges are possible.

The ad was posted on the website last week.