Syracuse, N.Y. - The man behind the annual Christmas bike giveaway locally says that they may come up short this year. Donations have been slow this season and as it stands right now they are some 900 bikes short of their 2,500 goal.

“Even at 2,500 we will still have plenty of people that won't get bikes,” says event organizer Jan Maloff.  “2,500 is really not a lot considering the need and the amount of people that could use them.”

Maloff and his team of volunteers are collecting the bikes out at the dairy building at the state fairgrounds. This week they will be there from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

“We accept bikes in any condition what so ever, don't judge the bike you have even if it’s rusty or has even been run over. There are probably critical parts on that bicycle that we can use to fix up another one.”

Just over 2,500 bikes were given away last year. The giveaway is this Saturday.