Controversy is brewing at City Hall in Syracuse after the city decided to remove most of the tables and chairs on Clinton Square in an apparent effort to keep people from sleeping or taking a power nap downtown.

The city has ordered new chairs without backs so folks can't fall asleep, but those tables and chairs haven't arrived yet, and the city has now locked away the old set of furniture in the Atrium downtown.

Syracuse Common Pat Hogan, who's also running for mayor, says once again, the city has overeacted to a non-event. Hogan says there's nothing wrong with folks taking a power nap downtown during thier lunch break or nodding off on a hot summer day.

Hogan admits though that those "less fortunate" have spent long periods of time sleeping downtown on the square, but he says that's a matter for the police to handle, and tables and chairs downtown shouldn't have been locked away. He says the city should have waited for the new tables and chairs to arrive before locking the old ones away.

Hogan says he's e-mailed the City Parks Director and has asked him what he has against people napping downtown, but has recieved no response.

No word on when the new set of furniture is due to arrive and officials at City Hall have been unavailable for comment.