ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) _ Gov. Andrew Cuomo is putting at least $80 million in state assistance behind his proposal to help local cities and counties restructure their finances to survive.

Cuomo provided some more details about his proposed financial restructuring panel on Tuesday. He says the panel will help local governments in distress merge and consolidate services, possibly lay off more workers, and to permanently restructure operations.

Some local officials at Cuomo's press conference welcomed the approach as another tool. But some felt it avoided the biggest issues. Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, who wasn't invited to Cuomo's event, says in an interview that municipalities are burdened most by pension and health care costs mandated by Albany.

The New York State Association of Counties also called for the state to reduce unfunded mandates.@

Statement from Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney:

Re: Governor Cuomo’s Proposed Financial Restructuring Board

for Distressed Local Governments

"We appreciate that Governor Cuomo is listening to the voices of local government and providing us with options instead of mandates. I applaud the proposals presented today by the Governor, they give municipalities the additional tools to manage the fiscal challenges ahead as they face rising costs and make the difficult decisions necessary to balance their budget."