(Syracuse, NY) - Nayef Ashkar - the father of Andy Ashkar, who was sentenced last week to 8-and-a-third to 25 years for a stolen 5 million dollar lottery ticket - pleaded guilty to a felony Thursday morning. Nayef Ashkar received 3 years conditional probation for filing a false instrument. Brother Nayel Ashkar was acquitted in the case of the lottery ticket prosecutors say was stolen from a customer at their Syracuse convenience store.The Ashkars drew suspicion from lottery officials last year when Andy and Nayel tried to cash in the scratch-off ticket that had been purchasesd by Robert Miles in 2006 at the family's Syracuse convenience store. Nayef Ashkar has been barred from selling lottery tickets or working in a store that sells lottery tickets, says Onondaga County prosecutor Beth Van Doren.

The New York State Lottery Commission is continuing its investigation to determine whether Robert Miles is the winner of the $5m lottery prize.