A Utica father has now changed his story about the night his nine month  old son disappeared.

Jevon Wameling has writen a letter to the Utica Observer Dispatch that changes his story on what happened on that night back in May in which nine month old Levon wameling disappeared.

Wameling now claims that he found the baby dead in his sleep and that he became "scared out of his mind", and then lied about the boy's whereabouts to police. Wameling had maintained that the child was snatched by someone off their front porch on late May.

Wameling's letter to the newspaper though does not indicate what happened after he found his son dead and he has not been charged in the case.

The body of the baby was eventually found in the Mohawk River over the summer by police. The baby was found in a small metal box with rocks inside to weigh the box down. An eventual autopsy showed that the baby suffered from a skull fracture.

Wameling is now behind bars in an unrelated burglary charge which he has pleaded not guilty.