The fire chief in the Village of Elbridge has been suspended and now five members of the squad have walked off thier jobs in protest.

Chief Bill Champlin was suspened by the village mayor over a supposed violation of department rules. Reports say the chief had a beer with his family recently and then responded to an emergency call a few hours later. Department rules state that no member of the department can consume alcohol eight hours before the start of a shift.

At a recent meeting of the department though, five firefighters walked off their job in protest and felt the chief was being railroaded.

Town of Elbridge Supervisor Ken Bush Jr. say the deputy chief has assured him that the fire department can still respond promptly to emergency calls with the roster they now have, but Bush has contacted the Camillus and Mottville fire departmenst about mutual aid for the Elbridge squad.

Bush says he hopes the village mayor and the village board can resolve this situation quickly because the village has sole authority over the fire department and the town does not.