Fulton Police have been able to crack a cold case that dates back to 1968 and resulted in the death of a four year old girl.

Carolee Ashby was killed on Halloween night in 1968 by a hit and run driver on what is now Route 481.

 Police interviewed Douglas Parkhurst , who was 17 at the time, but he told investigators that he struck a guard post that night or possibly an animal in the road.

45 years later, police have said they can say with certainty that Parkhurst was the driver of the car that night.

Last year, Fulton police placed an ad on Facebook which requested information about the incident and a woman from Florida came forward who told police that she was approached in '68 by the Parkhurst family to provide an alibi for Douglas. She refused. After that woman came forward, Fulton Police say Parkhurst then made admissions to police and he admitted that he mislead police when he was interviewed about the case in 1968.

Fulton Police though say they can't charge Parkhurst with anything at this point. The case is well beyond the statute of limitations and they have no proof that Parkhurst intentionally struck Ashby that night. Complicating matters even more, police say they have to follow the laws that were on the books in 1968.

Fulton police say good old detective work solved this case, and members of the squad never gave up on investigating the case over the years, and one good break like they had last year lead them to at least some sort of resolution for Carolee's family.