Some parents in the Vernon Verona Sherrill school district have kept thier children home from school today after an incident Thursday during a fire drill. They claim they're concerned for the safety of thier children.

Parents claim that during the fire drill, some four hundred students were walking down the street with teachers to the nearby fire hall when someone drove up to one student and tried to entice that student in thier car. That student later told her parents what happened, and parents claim the district never notified them of the incident and didn't call police. Many parents say they learned of the incident through postings on Facebook.

District officials though confirm there was an incident, but it was too late in the day to notify parents. VVS Superintendent Martha Group told 570 WSYR that during the fire drill, someone tried to sign a student out, but the principal refused. That incident raised some red flags and the state police were notified of the incident. Group claims though it happened at the end of the school day, which made it difficult to notify parents.

As a precaution on Friday, students were kept inside during recess and Group says the state police have been notified and are investigating. She says letters are being sent home to parents today to alert them of the incident.