Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse has informed nearly 300 of it's patients that there may have been a computer breach of some of thier personal information.

The hospital says a laptop computer with personal information inside was stolen on or about March 31st. That laptop contained some personal information on 283 patients.

Information on the computer included the patient's name, date of birth, some medical records and diagnoses.

The laptop did not include any social security numbers, insurance information or addresses, which can be used by identity thieves.

The hospital claims there's no indication that the information on the computer has been found, viewed or misused.

The incident occurred despite stringent safeguards the hospital has established to protect the security and privacy of patient information. As a result of the incident, the hospital has now furhter strenghthened these safeguards and will be putting new measures in place to minimize the chance such an incident can occur again.