Bad news for at least 50 families in Madison County. The Social Services Department says those families will lose thier federal subsidies for daycare by the end of the year because federal funding has dried up.

The 50 families affected will represent about 90 children who will lose daycare funding. Many low income residents get the help from the feds so they can hold down a job each day.

The allocation for the program has been reduced for the last three years running, representing a loss of about 200 thousand dollars in federal money to the county. Those families affected will lose the benefits by the end of the year.

The department says it can support about 50 thousand dollars in funding that will enable parents to work or attend school. Based on the most recent month, 80 families in Madison County will continue to get thier subsidies beyond the first of the year.

The loss will also affect the daycare providers as well since those monies are paid directly to child care center or family daycare providers.