National Grid electricity customers in upstate New York set a record for demand on Wednesday, July 17 as usage soared to 6,911 megawatts, eclipsing the previous peak of 6,909 megawatts set on July 21, 2011.

Due to continued high demand caused by hot weather and forecasts for temperatures to reach well into the 90s again today, National Grid is asking customers in its Upstate New York region to reduce all unnecessary electricity usage during the daytime hours today.

The request is being made to reduce demand on utility equipment and maintain system reliability. Electricity supply to the area is adequate, but heavy demand and high temperatures could potentially challenge regional networks.

"National Grid's increased investment in the upstate New York electric system in recent years has directly supported our reliability during this current heat wave and summer peaks," said Ken Daly, National Grid president for New York. "We continue to encourage customers to be prudent with their energy use and urge all customers, especially seniors, to safeguard their health as they try to stay cool."

In anticipation of summer weather patterns and the likely upswings in electricity demand, National Grid undertook readiness activities to prepare both its network and its workforce for high demand during this period. These activities included upgrades, inspections, testing and maintenance of equipment, as well as additional field staffing if necessary for response.