New information today into the death of a nine month old Utica baby, who's body was found in the Mohawk River.

After a forensic examination, it's been revealed that Levon Wameling suffered a one inch skull fracture, but no word on whether that is the cause of death.

The baby disappeared back in May while in the care of his father.

Jevon Wameling claims the child was snatched from his front porch but he didn't report the child missing until two weeks later.

Jevon Wameling has pleaded guilty today to unrelated conspiracy charges today in Oneida County.

Throughout the summer, Utica Police, State Police and the FBI conducted an exhaustive search for the boy, which eventually led them to the Mohawk River, where the body of the child was found sealed in some sort of metal container.

No charges have been lodged yet in connection with the baby's death.