New York School districts that saw budgets fail in May will put plans up for new votes Tuesday.

Under the state's tax cap law, school districts have two chances to get budgets passed. If they fail both times, they can't raise taxes at all in the next school year. A handful of districts are putting the same budgets on the ballot after narrow defeats the first time around.

The North Syracuse School District is putting a revised budget before voters. It's  $1.2 million dollars less than the original plan, which was defeated on may 21st and calls for deep spending cuts, including 25 coaching positions and the elimination of 8 sports teams. If the revised budget fails to pass "all" athletic teams and extracurricular activites would have to go. Don Keegan is the North Syracuse Associate Superintendent for Business Services.

"We're running out of places to cut. Unfortunately we do not have significant fund balance or reserves," says Keegan.  

Residents of the North Syracuse district will vote on the revised budget Tuesday . between the hours of 6am and 9pm.

Other districts made additional cuts in staffing and programs to reduce tax increases. This is the second year that districts are operating under a tax cap limiting increases in the tax levy. Budgets exceeding the cap need a 60 percent supermajority of voters to pass.