An Oswego County man has been sentenced to 25 years to life after he murdered his sister in-law last fall in a dispute over money.

50 year old Larry Frank of Phoenix agreed to plea to a charge of second degree murder earlier this month.

Prosecutors say Frank asked 53 year old Patricia Gryczka for money in her Geddes home last fall, which they say he did on many occassions. Gryczka though refused and Frank strangled his sister in-law to death.

Investigators then say he threw her body into his car and drove to a ravine in Lafayette where he dumped the body. An alert neighbor though noticed the activity near his property and called police, who then discovered Gryczka's body.

By then, Frank was on the run, and he was eventually caught in Pennsylvania and returned to Onondaga County.

Prosecutors also say after Frank strangled his sister in-law, he stole her checkbook and wrote himself a check for 2,500 dollars and deposited the money in his own account.