Federal authorities fired and demoted U.S. probation officers in charge of monitoring David Renz before he was charged with raping a 10-year-old girl and killing Lori Bresnahan during a carjacking at Great Northern mall.

Changes made at the federal probation office in Syracuse were detailed in a letter Monday from U.S. courts administrators to Congressman Dan Maffei of Syracuse. The probation officers came under fire last March after authorities said Renz removed and quickly reassembled an electronic bracelet so monitors didn't immediately realize he'd taken it off. Authorities say Renz later strangled and stabbed a woman in her car after raping the woman's daughter during an attack outside Syracuse. Renz was required to wear the device because of an earlier child pornography arrest.


US Courts Office Says in Letter to Maffei that Probation Office Staff has been Fired but Reduced Resources Due to the Sequester are Harming Efforts to Prevent Similar Cases

(Washington, DC) Tuesday, June 18, 2013, Rep. Dan Maffei (D-NY) renewed his call to end the automatic spending cuts that took effect earlier this year as a result of sequestration in light of the David Renz case.  In response to Maffei’s May 14th request to investigate the Syracuse federal probation office and its apparent failure to monitor David Renz, the Administrative Office of the United State Courts (AO) said that probation office staff has been fired, however, a significant shortage of funding and personnel due to the sequester are inhibiting efforts to investigate the case and prevent future incidents.  The AO, which has oversight over the Syracuse federal probation office, said in a letter sent to Maffei Monday, June 17,  that reduced resources due to sequestration are harming the efforts to make changes to prevent a similar cases from happening in the future. 

Maffei delivered a speech on the floor of the House Monday night, urging his colleagues to end the sequester and prevent a case like David Renz from ever happening again.