Syracuse Police have now charged a second suspect in a murder on Syracuse's southside last week.

City Police say 26 year old Maximino Alvarez has been charged with second degree murder after the death of 21 year old Andre Rosario-Claudio on June 2.

Police say gunfire rang out on Sabine Street that day in front of pedestrians and children when Rosario-Claudio was killed. The victim was initially lured behind a home on Sabine Street by the gunmen and the victim ran out onto the street, with his alleged killers in pursuit.

Another suspect in the case, 29 year old Efrain Santos, was charged with second degree murder in the case two days after the shooting.

Syracuse Police say the home where the attack initially occurred has been a hotbed of drug activity for some time and was recently raided by police in April.

City Police say they're investigation in the homicide is ongoing and still very active, even after the second arrest.