A Weedsport man has been charged with grand larceny after he's accused of bilking a 90 year old man out of 15 thousand dollars.

40 year old Daniel Humberstone is accused of committing the thefts over several months. Cayuga County Sheriffs Deputies say Humberstone and an associate convinced the elderly man that Humberstone was in line to receive a million dollar settlement from the state but that certain fees needed to be paid regularly in order to secure the settlement.

The pair received numerous checks from the victim and drove him to an ATM in several instances where they got more cash payments. The pair promised a bonus to the victim in return.

Deputies say no such settlement ever existed and Humberstone was intent on stealing money from the 90 year old man.

Police say Humberstone may be involved in dozens of other scams in the northern part of Cayuga County. As many as 40 cases may be involved under similar pretenses. Police are still trying to determine the role of Humberstone's associate in the case of the 90 year old man or whether the associate was a victim of the scam too.

Anyone with information on the investgation is being asked to contact Lt. Joseph Weekes at 253-3902.