Get ready to dig deeper into your wallet to pay your Time Warner bill. The company is raising rates- yet again.

Just last week, Time Warner informed customers that they were raising thier general internet service rate by three dollars a month.

Now there's word that Time Warner has decided to raise the lease fee for your modem. They just imposed a new 3.95 a month lease fee on the modems last year, a modem that's been free for most customers for years.

Now the lease fee will jump fifty percent to 5.99 a month. Time Warner isn't saying why they're hiking that fee. Customers can still purchase their own modem to avoid that lease fee. Many modems run around fifty bucks.

The company has informed their customers about the rate increase via e-mail and encourages them to lease their modems rather than buy their own, even though purchasing your own can pay for itself in less than a year.

The new modem lease fee and the higher internet price will affect customer bills in August.