The lawyer representing a Madison County family say a 16 year old girl in the Chittenango School District has now been forced to transfer to another school because of humiliation by other students in the wake of two peeping tom incidents over the summer.

On Tuesday, State Police arrested three Chittenango High School students on a felony count of Unlawful Surveillance after they were accused of secretly videotaping seven teenage girls while they were changing into their bathing suits at two pool parties over the summer.

Attorney Robert Lahm told 570 WSYR that the 16 year old victim he represents was taunted and humiliated by other students in school in the wake of the incident and her parents had no choice but to transfer her to another school. Lahm says this peeping tom incident has torn at the fabric of the Chittenango School District.

Lahm says, " It has ruined her school career as far as I know. In some instances she's been humiliated and she's certainly embarassed. I don't think it's too strong to say she's mortified. Teenagers have a fragile sense of self worth to begin with."

The videos were made with hidden cameras and Ipads at two homes in the Towns of Sullivan and Cazenovia in July and August. Lahm says the family he represents plans to sue in the case.

State Police executed two search warrants last week at two homes and took evidence away before the arrests weremade.