The WISE Faces of Success Awards will be awarded to four women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in the Central New York region who are clients of the WISE Women’s Business Center. The award recognizes those who have recently started a business and who exhibit true entrepreneurial spirit. The winners will be honored at the WISE Symposium event on April 25, 2017 at SKY Armory in Syracuse, NY. Click here to find out more and purchase tickets. 


Jill Sneider WISE 2017
Jill Sneider 

A clear mark of an entrepreneur is one who sees a problem and easily creates a solution. Jill Sneider has spent most of her life creating solutions. Most recently, Jill has jumped into a new venture to assist people in re-creating their living spaces. In her company “Fresh Twist by Jill” she rearranges furniture and artwork to reimagine her clients’ space using items they already own! The WISE Women’s Business Center helped Jill develop a business plan, learn financial strategies, and continues to offer her connections support, and coaching. She says it is powerful making my own business decisions and plans to expand to assist corporate clients to her roster.

HER ADVICE: “Learn to be out of your comfort zone – that’s often when one moves forward.” 

Pam Puri WISE 2017Pam Puri 

As every powerful entrepreneur always does, Pam found a problem and presented a solution. Pam saw a need in Central NY for technology classes for kids that were enriching and engaging. Tech4Kidz was born! Armed with her background in helping new ventures go through the startup process and a passion for teaching, Pam grew Tech4Kidz to 8 part-time teachers working for her business and plans to add another location soon to her current location at a local college. WISE helped Pam with business counseling and its network of professional referrals to get her off the ground. Pam says she loves her business so much, it doesn’t feel like work!

HER ADVICE: “Whatever you choose to do, be the best that you can be.” 

Charlese McClain WISE 2017Charlese McClain 

For 20 years, Charlese McClain has owned her own business, Charlie Bears Care child care. Not only is that amazing but always on the lookout to start another new business, in 1996, she added Charlie Bears Care for Special Occasions! And that is a snapshot of Charlese. So positive. So strong. Like many other women, Charlese had some challenges in her life. She had to make some hard choices and has achieved sustained success pretty much on her own. But with help from Project Phoenix a joint program with the WISE Women’s Business Center, SSIC, and Vera House, Charlese increased her income and won funding to upgrade her equipment to run her business more efficiently. Through WISE she has attended roundtables, workshops, events that have her to think strategically about where she wants her business to go.

 HER ADVICE: “God doesn’t give anybody everything, but everybody has a little something.” 

Sara Martin WISE 2017Sara Martin 

Working nearly two decades in the engineering field, Sara Martin always had an entrepreneurial spirit. As a new business certified for minority-women owned business enterprise (MWBE status) work, Sara is energized and invigorated by the “unknown.” She has attended classes and worked with a mentor at the WISE Women’s Business Center getting advice and networking with others to build her connections in the community. Sara aims to become a WBE engineering firm supplying diversity services on an on-call network.

HER ADVICE: Work hard, appreciate who and what have in your life and never give up.