SNL: Cartier Fidget Spinner

Now You Can Get Sound As A Tattoo

Dad and Baby Saying Wassup!


I've lived in NY my whole life and have always been obsessed with music. I remember as a little kid making my own mixtapes by cracking open cassette tapes, cutting the tape and taping it back together to make the songs sound different. I also used to practice being a DJ into a tape recorder. Who knew all that "practice" would eventually lead me to what I love doing for a living! I live with my husband and 8 cats! Yes, 8! I love John Mayer, pizza, horror movies and all kinds of celebrity dirt! I'm also a vegetarian and a total jeans and t-shirt girl! You can always catch me at a festival, out with my friends or just watching a movie at home! Family and helping animals are at the top of my list and always finding a reason to have a good time!


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