Local 30 Year Old Man Evicted from Parent's Home

A 30-year-old man has been evicted from his parents' home in Camillus by the state Supreme Court. Michael Rotondo's parents had given him numerous notices to leave their house in the Syracuse area. He called the ruling outrageous and said he was going to file an appeal.

He even gathered reporters together after the hearing... 


Here's the moment he was read the ruling from CNYCentral's Brandon Roth...


Now his parents, Mark and Christina, gave him several notiuces and warnings to leave. They also offered him $1,100 to help him find a place of his own.T

They suggested selling his positions, which include weapons, to make some money an to fix his car. 

Mike ignored all of their attempts and advice, which ultimately lead them to supreme court. 

PAT'S TAKE: like I said before, these parents raised this so they have to own that, and they are the ones who made this issue public. But, Mike... time to grow up dude. 

Mike you are the image people think of when they hate on millenials. Most millennials are smart, employed and more than able. They are NOTHING like Mike here. But for those of you who have issues with younger people, this is the person you think of every time. 

More on this story here: CNYCentral.com

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