Syracuse's Best National Donut Day Deals!

National donut day is today! And it's on a Friday! Not only do you have an excuse to press the pause button on your diet today but there are also a bunch of great deals going on where you might even be able to grab a free donut or two... or five. We've put together a list of the best places for you to stop by today to grab a free donut all local to Syracuse! 

Dunkin' Donuts - With any purchase of a beverage you get a free classic donut!


Walmart - Giving away as many as 1.2 million free donuts nationwide today!


Papa John's - No, seriously. They're selling caramel creme sugar coated donut holes at most locations.


Entenmann's - They're looking for their new "CDO" (Cheif Donut Officer). We're not sure what exactly that means but the winner gets $5000 and a one-year supply of donuts so sounds good to us!


Edible Arrangements - Their "Edible Donut" (A Donut shaped Granny Smith apple that has been dipped in chocolate) is free at most locations for today!


Get to work! And let us know what your favorite deal was for National Donut Day 2018! Have a blast, go nuts.... or should we say go DOUGH-nuts!


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