Local Heroes Honored At Red Cross Breakfast

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Local heroes were recently honored by the Red Cross! The Real Heroes Breakfast recognized both first responders and ordinary citizens who stepped up in life threatening situations. They include 3 Good Samaritans who rescued a man from an overturned vehicle in the Oswego River, a kid who gave the Heimlich Maneuver to an elderly women who was choking, and a school bus driver who safely evacuated kids from the bus that was rapidly filling with smoke. Congrats to all! Read more here: Syracuse.com

More #TheGoodStuff:

Two Denver boys who had their lemonade stand shut down by police during Memorial Day weekend are getting some legal backing from one of the nation's biggest lemonade makers. Country Time Lemonade is launching a new initiative to help any kids who have their stands shut down by police over permit issues. The company says "Legal-Ade" will include a group of lawyers working to keep the stands open. Country Time is also offering to reimburse the cost of any fines kids may be issued for not having the proper permits. Read more here: The Hill

Heavy rains caused big-time flooding in Virginia recently, with rushing waters powerful enough to push an SUV off the road. Luckily for the man driving the SUV and his dog, Hope Renee was on her way home with a friend and was able to spot the trouble- and pitch in to make sure everyone was safe. By the time Hope saw the SUV in the water, another man had already pulled his pickup truck to the side of the road. The man with the pickup truck had a rope and flotation device, and they tossed the line to the man in the man in the SUV. Instead of taking the rope for himself, the man attached it to his dog's collar- and Hope helped pull the dog to shore. They then threw the rope back to the man- and then they pulled him to safety also. Read the full story here: FOX 13 - Salt Lake City

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