New Store "Showcase" Coming to Destiny USA

You're on Amazon late one Friday night after a "glass" of wine. You see a really neat new beauty product. You buy it. It comes a couple of days later, to your possible surprise and delight. That's what, to me, the store Showcase is. 

They are a Canadian company that sells trending items in their store and online. They will open later this year at Destiny USA on the second level in the former Dough Life spot. 

Dough Life moved to wear Teavana used to be, BTW. 

Showcase has beauty products, gadgets, toys... basically anything people seem to be getting on board with. It's not an ass seen on TV store, but they have some of those things. It's not 5 Below, but they have some of those fun little things too. 

Think of it like a Brookstone, but not full of their own products, not way out of your price range, and constantly changing what's available based on what people actually seem to want.  

It's an interesting idea. We talk a lot on the show about the death of retail because of online shopping. I always say that retailers can save themselves by being more in the now and instantly customize-able. This store seems to be headed that way.

Welcome, Showcase, to Syracuse! Best of luck to you. 

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