Local Woman Running 380 Miles for Cancer Awareness

The heat and humidity isn't stopping one woman from raising breast cancer awareness.  Davina McNaney started her charity run in Boston, MA with her final destination set for Sodus Point, whcuih si where she is from in Wayne County.  

All told, she'll have covered about 380 miles on her voyage! And, not to mention, she's doing it in record temperatures.  

So far McNaney, a breast cancer survivor herself, has raised about 18-thousand dollars for research. Her run will end Tuesday, and you can donate to her cause right now!

Here's Davina's Fundraising Page: https://give.bcrf.org/fundraiser/1138064

Great job Davina! So many of us have been touched by cancer, let alone breast cancer. You're an inspiration, to say the very least!  



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