WATCH: Jim Kelly's Emotional ESPY's Speech

Balling. I am balling this morning watching my childhood hero be so brave. From his emotional response to a video about his son, Hunter, to his incredible message of hope and perseverance, Jim shows you what the human experience is all about. 

Cancer sucks. It takes away so much from us all. Your friends, your family, your heroes... my mother was taken before she could see me get married; before should could meet her grandson; before anyone should ever be taken from us. It's bull crap. It's not fair. 

It also shows us the very best of people. It shows us how brave anyone can be. I think of the absolutely incredible kids at Upstate Golisano Children's hospital fighting RIGHT NOW, and they are more brave and strong than anyone could ever be. I'm so proud of them and their families. 

Growing up, Jim was my hero. He and those Buffalo Bills made an entire city that had been forgotten, torn apart and the ridicule of every snow and rust belt joke be relevant and interesting. It's what Carmelo did for Syracuse. Yeah... they lost 4 Super Bowls in a row... but they got there 4 times in a row. They re-imagined the entire game of football behind the arm of Jim Kelly. No one will ever forget that team and what they did, and that's special. 

To see Jim like this it's tough, yet so inspiring. The smile point he makes really resonates with me. How often do we smile when that's what people actually need? Not enough, I say. 

Grab the tissues... 



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