It's Not Ham, It's Watermellon

A personal note: I'm a vegetarian. Yes, I miss meat. I'm not  preachy vegetarian. The next question I usually get is why I am one: I don't eat it because, to be blunt, I wouldn't personally go out, kill an animal and eat it. It's not my thing. I think animals are beings, not objects. You don't need to agree with this or change anything you do... this is why I choose to do. 

But... I fully admit I miss meat. It is delicious. 

Quick plug: Beyond Burgers do, factually, taste like a real burger when cooked correctly. Sharkey's in Liverpool has them, you should try it! Anyway...

This is a new meatless trend  making a LOT of rounds. It's not ham, it's watermelon. Is it good? no idea. Does it taste like ham? Probably not, but until I try it I can't tell you. Never the less, smoked watermelon is a big food thing right now. Check out the video below!

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