No More Halloween Parades at Local Schools

Jamesville-Dewitt Elementary schools are no longer doing their Halloween Parades because of security concerns. reports that fear of mass shootings, along with various other safety issues, had the district shut it down. They also report that several other districts have done similar things recently. 

Chekc out their report to see the many different ways schools are now handling safety issues... let's just say it's not anything like when we were in school... click here:

Pat's Take: We were discussing this on the show this morning, and I don't have any answers. On the one hand, it stinks to lose these sort of events. On the other, the world isn't anything like when I was a kid. For example: if I forgot a book my locker, I'd just go to school, walk in and get it. Now you can't do that. Schools are often locked down after activities are over. 

I just wonder when it will effect things like school sports and concerts. 

What do you think about all this?  


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