Pete Davidson calls Syracuse, "Trash"

Comedian Pete Davidson called Syracuse Trash in an interview yesterday. He was here shooting a movie this past summer.

His quote was this: "...I was shooting this movie out in Syracuse. Syracuse, you know, it's trash. Worse than Staten Island. The nicest hotel in Syracuse is, like, a ----ing Ramada."

He also criticized his hometown on Staten Island as being "stuck in the '80s" with little to do.

Davidson is doing a show at Funk'N Waffles Sunday BTW. More on that here:

More on this story here:

Pat's take: look people have said this about our region many times. What I never understand is what do famous, wealthy people want from a medium sized US city? 

We're not perfect. I'm not dumb... we have lots of issues here. There are some super dumpy areas that need to be fixed. There are often no A-list events happening here, whatever those are. You will not find a nightclub with valet full of celebrities. We do have a 5 star hotel... more on that later.  

What do these people want though, exactly? 

They also say there's nothing to do in Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester, etc. but they never explain what they were looking for in detail. They call us trash, and laugh with the interviewer. But the interviewer never asks what makes it trash. They just smile and nod in agreement. As if it's a universal truth that any city "upstate" (a dumb term) is a dump.   

Here's a thought: maybe Pete, and those like minded people, sucks and is trash himself. Maybe what Pete wants is ridiculous by any of our standards. Maybe we don't want what he wants. 

Conversely... maybe if he (and others) told us we'd learn something. Maybe we'd fix something. Maybe someone here would see an opportunity to run with it. 

Who knows? They never say why we're trash and what they want, specifically. Even if they did, we are not NYC, LA, Chicago, Vegas, Miami, etc. We're a town that happens to be a city. We will never be those places. There's nothing wrong with that. Most places aren't and never will be either. 

BTW The hotel point is stupid. 1 that's not true and 2 Did you miss the Marriot Syracuse downtown, aLoft, Embassy, the Crown Plaza, Genesee Grande, Jefferson Clinton, or Parkview to name 7 hotels that are respected and nice? Sorry your movie people didn't put you up there. Not our fault. 

Don't buy into this garbage. This is a great place to be. 

We all have things we're critical about here. Mine are of the people who agree with him. The people who believe it's trash here. There are too many of you. Go away. I'm from Buffalo... it has lots of problems. It's got nasty bits, and is very similar us in Syracuse. However, that has never stopped people there. They'd soon enough punch someone for calling their town trash. Ya know why? Because this perceived trash is ours, and it may not suit you but we'll defend it, because the people aren't trash. Our families and friends aren't trash. This place is NOT trash. 

More of that, Syracuse. More of that. I'm proud to live here. I'm proud to be a 315'er. You should be too. 

Pete, good luck. Congrats on the nuptials. Let us know what the problem is. 

He was on with Howard Stern. You ca watch him talk about his relationship wit Ariana Grande below but 


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