Cuomo Says People Leave Upstate Due To Weather

Governor Cuomo says people are leaving Upstate New York because of the weather. New York has been experiencing a mass exodus as year-after-year young-professionals to retirees are leaving the state. 

Governor Cuomo says Mother Nature is to blame for the ongoing population loss upstate. During a visit to Bolton Landing yesterday, the governor claimed people are leaving because they want to live in a better climate. Over the last ten years, upstate counties have lost over a million people.

Many point to high taxes, low wages, high cost of doing business and a lack of jobs as to why people are leaving. 

Pat's take: Don't get me wrong, Florida in January is WONDERFUL. Who wouldn't want to avoid our winters? It does make sense, but ultimately I think it's economical. 

I'm the type of person who doesn't mind higher taxes if it gets me nice things. Example: our public schools are very good. I'm sorry, but schools in Florida, for example, are absolutely inferior. 

However... there are never enough plows drivers. Construction projects both drag on for too long and don't ever seem to address enough issues. Rotting buildings, businesses constantly closing over tax issues, garbage on the highways, gas prices... I expect more for the THOUSANDS of tax dollars I pay for with a typical home.

Jobs here never seem to pay as much as other states, and the taxes are high. So your pay doesn't go as far. 

If you're a young person there just aren't enough good paying jobs to keep you here. If you're retired, the taxes push you out. 

Yeah... the weather can be tough. But the economy is much harder to deal with. 

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