WATCH: Tina Turner Musical Comes To US in 2019

Tina Turner has been a true survivor almost as long as we've all known her.  She emerged from her difficult association with ex-husband Ike Turner to become an undeniable force in popular music in the 1980's and 90's.  Now, a stage musical of her life is getting raves from fans and critics, and the show is bound for the States next fall.  

In a statement, Tina says, "Bringing this musical to life on stage and working with this team has meant so much to me. I feel that it is in many ways a culmination of my career. London audiences have been and continue to be extraordinary. Now, the bright lights of Broadway are calling, and I’m very excited to share this beautiful show with New York audiences next year."  Check out the trailer for the musical that's still playing in London.



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