Axe Throwing Coming to CNY

A trendy new activity is coming to CNY! An Axe throwing club called Bad Axe is opening in Camillus. Now.. the concept seems odd at first. It mixes axe throwing at targets with beer and wine. I know… sounds dangerous. BUT everyone at the place are trained bartenders and safety experts who will stop anyone who seems out of sorts. Why is this good? Well, I’ve done it. It’s super fun, unique, challenging, and a great team building thing to do. Trust me on this. More here:

Also, check them out below and here:


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Nice job local investigators after a boatload of guns and drugs were taken of the streets in Solvay. The Onondaga County District Attorney's Investigation Bureau made the big bust. They raided the home of Jason Britton as part of an ongoing narcotics investigation. In all, they found 14 rifles, 2 handguns, and large amounts of drugs. Anj excellent job by the investigators! Thank you for helping to keep CNY safe! More here: 570 WSYR check out what they recovered...


Target will make 2 day shipping free for the holidays! Free shipping runs from November 1st to December 22nd. Previously you had to have a minimum purchase of $35 or more for free shipping. They’ll also have Drive up service soon so you can place orders and pick them up. More here: Business Insider

A Stem Cell Transplant Helped Man With MS Walk And Dance! Roy Palmer couldn’t control his legs because he had multiple sclerosis. Last year, he had a life-changing treatment that allows him to walk and dance again. He heard about the treatment called HSCT and decided to give it a try, even though it’s still considered experimental. They use his own stem cells to do it, and it worked… in just two days. It's an amazing story, which you can read more about, and watch Roy dance, here: CBS News

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