Embarrassing Skills That People Can't Seem To Figure Out

Even the smartest of us have that one thing that they can't, for whatever reason, do or remember. And it can be embarrassing! Whether it's not being able to tie your shoes, or you can't parallel park, people are often hesitant to admit where they fall short.

For example, I cannot, for the life of me, remember people's names- especially if I've just met them. I have to do the thing now where I point at them until I remember who they are.

Lori admitted that she's awkward with people, and she's not great at telling people she likes them as friend. To quote: "feelings are icky".

And D confessed that she can't wake up on time... even after setting 15 alarms in the morning! Yikes!

And the list goes on! Check out more things people don't know how to do here: Buzzfeed

Photo: Getty Images

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