WATCH: Pete Davidson Takes Grown-Up Route In Ariana Grande Breakup

OK, so Pete Davidson doesn't have many fans in Central New York after the way he dissed Syracuse when he was on location shooting a film.  Fine - he's off the guest list at the Dinosaur, and he gets nosebleed seats at the Dome forever.  But Pete's found himself in the middle of a huge media firestorm over his breakup with Ariana Grande, who's clearly a bigger star with a gazillion more social media followers.  After making light of the breakup not long after it happened, Pete appeared on Saturday Night Live over the weekend and totally "manned up" in acknowledging the breakup with Ariana.  The death of rapper Mac Miller, who was an ex of Ariana's but still a close friend, clearly has affected her.  Pete might have made up for his bad Syracuse behavior here.  We'll have to see what we think the next time he wants to watch the Orange in the Regional Final Four.



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