WATCH: Queen's 1985 Live Aid Performance

Bohemian Rhapsody is the number 1 movie, chronicling the life of front man Freddie Mercury and Queen. The movie is getting mixed reviews, but one thing is for sure: they bring their famous Wembley Stadium performance from Live Aid in 1985 to life. 

Fun fact though: you can watch that performance  on YouTube, for free. The entire thing! That's not top say you shouldn't see the movie, but if you want to see the actual thing, here you go! 

Freddie Mercury was truly a once in a millennium performer and singer. His range, stage presence, and song writing abilities are second to none.

Queen was the first band I truly ever loved. As an 10 year old I would blare their music in my room and in the car when it came on. To see this makes me wish I could have seen them live more than any other band. 

Check it out!  



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