1 In 7 People Think They're "Travel Cursed"

Whether it's a delayed flight or lost luggage, we've all have our bad experiences when we travel. Some of us, however, end up unluckier than others. According to a new survey, one in seven people said that they felt "travel cursed"- meaning something's bound to go wrong no matter what precautions they take. You can read more on that survey here: SWNS Digital

Honestly, my problem revolves around over stressing and over thinking everything. I don't do things like packing in advance, I never make checklists- basically, being unorganized leads to all problems I have when I travel.

When it comes to delays and things beyond my own control, I can see why people feel cursed. It's especially tough living here in Syracuse, because everything is delayed or cancelled compared to everywhere else.

Still, I'd say planning ahead is the best way to be prepared for anything- travel or otherwise.

Photo: Getty Images

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