Guy Fieri Feeds Wild Fire First Responders

Guy Fieri is feeding first responders battling the deadly Camp Fire in Northern California.  Fieri showed up Sunday and cooked up dinner for all the law enforcement officials there.  Over the summer Fieri made dinner for evacuees of the Carr Fire near Redding. Officials said thanks to Fieri on Twitter saying the meal filled their bellies and lifted spirits. Check it out below and get more here: ABC NEWS


As wildfires burn through California, one man was able to find his Wife’s Wedding Ring in the ashes of their home. Jake Olsen, an officer with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, was working to evacuate a retirement community when his own house burned to the ground. His wife and four children escaped safely, but they had to leave lots of valuables behind. Olsen and a colleague returned to the spot and searched in the ashes, eventually locating her ring, which he says is “just a miracle.” More below and here: Yahoo


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