Bills Receiver Gifts Pair Of Shoes To Local Teen

A Buffalo Bills rookie bought a pair of $250 sneakers for a teen at the Galleria Mall. Wide receiver Robert Foster overheard Michael Stearns and his mom talking about purchasing a pair of coveted Adidas Yeezys and decided to purchase the shoes for the high school freshman. Foster says he just wanted to put a smile on his face, and says it’s not the first time he’s done a random act of kindness like this. Michael said he now wants to pay it forward to someone else. Check out his mom's Facebook post below, and read more here: WKBW - Buffalo


I remember when Ken Griffey Jr. sneakers were THE hot item... back in 1992 LOL. At $150, I knew there was no way I'd get my hands on a pair of them. But my mom did end up buying them for me. hoping it would make me happy- as I was bullied quite a bit at the time.

They definitely made me happy.... but didn't stop the bullying, of course. Nevertheless, I can totally relate to whatever this kid is thinking.

And good on Robert Foster for putting a smile on his face, because he deserves it.

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