Payless Tricks Influencers With Fake Designer Store

Social media has been a massive influence on what we wear everyday- and "influencers" can make thousands of dollars just for promoting higher-end companies on their accounts. But what if these "influencers" were duped- by a brand name that's much more affordable for the average consumer?

Payless decided to test the limits of these social media stars' power by opening a fake designer store in California- called "Palessi"- and inflating the prices of their shoes from their usual $20-40 range up to $200-$600. An old storefront was transformed into Palessi's "pop-up store", and hundreds of "influencers" showed up for the store's opening.

Attendees described the shoes as "high-quality" and "sophisticated", and spent roughly $3000 on Payless products. Don't worry- they were all informed afterwards that the shoes weren't designer, plus they were able to keep whatever they bought! Read more here:


This reminds me of a study a while back about wine- they found that all the super expensive bottles of wine were no better than a $10-$20 bottle. But wine people would have you believe that they're far superior in taste because they paid more money.

Don't get me wrong- I like expensive things here and there. However, expensive things aren't always better than inexpensive things.

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