Mariah Proves Again She's Terrible

If you listen to my show, you know that I thinK Mariah Carey is a once in a lifetime vocal talent who has provided countless hits over numerous decades, and should go down as one of the absolute greatest of all time. 

Also, she's a trash bag of a human being who I despise. 

I don't pull punches with Mariah. This is a Diva who defines the term. She is selfish, arrogant, and oblivious to how the real world operates. She has proven this time, and time, and time again with her behavior, and once again she falls to the bottom with her latest basic human failure. 

She is seen in the video below, which is adorable by the way, with her 7 year old twin daughter singing. They are fantastic and I wish them NOTHING BUT they very, very best in their lives. They deserve no shaming what-so-ever. But watch and let's see if you notice the problem... 



"No big deal," her fans say. 

My issue is not the example she's setting, because parents are generally not stupid people and know they should buckle their kids in the car. It's that anyone would defend her. 

What's amazing is most parents are exhausted, overworked, underpaid and literally have no time for anything... but still manage to remeber this basic safety routine.

Have I ever done this? I have gotten in the car, sat down at the wheel, thought myself, "something isn't right," then realized I didn't buckle my kid in and fixed it. I have friends who are parents who have driven the whole way to a place and realized when they arrived they didn't buckle them in. That's not cool and they were mortified. 

However, MARIAH ISN'T EVEN DRIVING. She's, as usual, oblivious. Completely clueless. Could care less about the safety of her own children. She has no excuses.

Look... if you love her I get it. By now you've probably stopped reading. Please understand, I don't hate you for liking her. Again, she's supremely talented and her songs have every right to move you. You are more than welcome to support her music career. But for the love of God, please don't defend her actions as a human being. She doesn't care about you or her own kids. 

Prove me wrong Mariah, I want you to. 


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