WATCH: Homeless Man Gives $17K Found In Bag To Food Bank

I have absolutely no idea what the "run of the mill" homeless person is like, but whatever it is, I'm certain it is not Kevin Booth.  

Kevin stopped by his local food bank in Washington, hoping to get some of the free baked goods that get left there overnight.  Instead, Kevin found a paper bag with $17,000 in it.  I guess we all figure the "run of the mill" homeless person would grab the cash and head out to parts unknown, but Kevin thought the food bank could use that cash to feed a bunch of hungry people.  So he waited until someone from the food bank came to open for the day, and Kevin gave them the cash. 

The food bank reported it to the police, who eventually returned it to the food bank after no one claimed it.  The food bank now has a new walk-in freezer, and a GoFundMe page has been set up for Kevin to be treated to some of the same amazing generosity he showed toward people struggling just like him.  That is my kind of hero.,



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