Gabrielle Union Shamed for... Kissing Her Own Baby?

Actress Gabrielle Union is a new mommy and recently posted a video of her kissing her one-month-old daughter, Kaavia in the mouth. 

No big deal, right? Wrong (somehow). 

The trolls came out in force to let her know that it could be dangerous to do that. One commenter pointed out that, “It’s unsanitary to kiss a baby on the mouth. We carry bacteria from what we eat. Strain of herpes and botchelism… are a couple of reasons.” 

Another person thought Kaavia’s breathing was a bit labored and sent the clip to her cousin who happens to be a pediatrician.

Gabrielle put everyone in check with her next post. “Here’s a guide for happily enjoying my posts of our family,” she said. “Trust that [Kaavia] is surrounded by medical and child care specialists. Know she is safe and watched closely at all times. Trust that I won’t post anything that puts my child in danger or opens me up to unsolicited online medical or parenting opinions.”

Personally I think this is ridiculous and once again the few speak the loudest. Common sense is generally used... if you're sick or have a cold sore obviously don't kiss anyone, let a lone a baby. Every time you kiss anyone you exchange germs... so what, we don't ever kiss? Please. 

See her instagram post below.  



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