WATCH: Broadway Joe and Jets Win Super Bowl III - 50 Years Later

You might just be better off if you admit you weren't alive or even old enough to remember Super Bowl II, played 50 years ago today.  I sadly cannot say the same.  

The NFL had finally caved in a few years earlier and acknowledged the brash young AFL by agreeing to a "Super Bowl" championship game between each league's best team.  At the end of the 1968 season, those teams were the old-school NFL Baltimore Colts, led by veteran quarterback Johnny Unitas and the clearly untested AFL New York Jets, who found themselves with a brash young quarterback out of Alabama named Joe Namath.  Namath had been setting records for passing yards during his first 3 years with the Jets, but most considered him no match for the cool customer under fire that Unitas was known to be.  

Of course, Joe became a legend by famously predicting the Jets would win Super Bowl III against the well-established and old-guard Baltimore team.  The 16-7 win by the Jets is still considered by many (Jets fans in particular) as one of the greatest Super Bowl games ever.  Here's a little taste of what Broadway Joe showed America that Sunday 50 years ago.

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