WATCH: WWII Vet Gets 50K Birthday Cards

One of the important reasons for programs like Honor Flight is so that no one forgets the men and women who bravely served American in wars at least 50 years ago.  When your talking World War II, those vets were in combat at least 74 years earlier.  

Duane Sherman was one of those men, and his daughter feared that her dad's 96th birthday would pass without many people remembering it since so many of the men he had served with were long gone.  So she did what any self-respecting child would do for their parents in the Age of Social Media - she posted her dad's story, asking for people to send him a birthday card.  They did, to the tune of over 50,000 birthday wishes from all 50 states and 10 different countries.  Here's a clip about Doug and his very happy birthday.  Here's hoping Doug has a few more left for us to help celebrate with him.



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