WATCH: SU's Elijah Hughes Hits a Doozy of a Buzzer Beater Against Duke

The Syracuse and Duke rivalry has replaced SU/Georgetown and SU/UConn as the Orange's #1 rivalry, and one of the better in college basketball.  While the Orange always have a great team on the court, SU is typically playing the Blue Devils when they are #1 or Top 5 or something else equally impressive.  It also seems that every national media person with an opinion can't stop talking about Duke - Coach K, his win record, his great players, their long history of success, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  We get it - they're a good team.  But most of the games the Orange have played against Duke have been pretty memorable - like the February 2014 win and the Boeheim-jacket-tearing-off-game-ejecting loss three weeks later.

So you can never truly be surprised by an Orange-Blue Devil matchup.  So SU's 95-91 overtime win last night in Chapel Hill fits that bill with one notable exception - Elijah Hughes and two seconds of magic at the end of the first half.  It's the kind of nearly-full-court-desperation shot we've seen countless times, sometimes coming tantalizingly close to going in.  That's what was supposed to happen last night, only Hughes forgot about the part where he was supposed to miss.  Watch as he heaves the ball in the general direction of the basket, only to watch it incredulously go in.  That's not supposed to happen! Then again, an unranked team isn't supposed to beat a #1-ranked team, playing on their home court with some of the most rabid fans in college basketball.  I guess we have some sort of new normal here, right?



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