WATCH: Alicia Keys to Host 2019 Grammy Awards

Is there anybody who's ever said anything bad about Alicia Keys?  Maybe she has ingrown toenails or the "heartbreak of psoriasis," but I doubt it.  In this age of almost overdone scrutiny of everything everyone has ever done, Alicia may be the perfect candidate for just about anything - including the Grammy Awards!

Alicia Keys is not just a wonderful singer but a wonderful musician too - something not all singers can actually claim.  She is a great pianist and has been able to find broad appeal with her music while going her own way musically.  I think she is an outstanding choice to host the Grammys because she embodies all that is great about music today.  This video seems to capture the moment she got the news about hosting, and when she shares the news with her family.  Her enthusiasm is infectious - which is perfect for this gig.



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