WATCH: Cranberries to Release Single on Anniversary of Lead Singer's Death

It's hard to imagine the Cranberries without lead singer Delores O'Riordan, who tragically drowned in a bathtub January 15, 2018, due to alcoholic intoxication.  Her marvelously distinctive voice was always a pleasure to hear.  Fortunately, the work she was doing with guitarist Neil Hogan in the months before her death has been turned into a new album, "In The End," which will be out April 26.  A first single, "All Over Now" is out on the anniversary of Delores's death, with the band's longtime producer brought in to help remaining band members fill out the sound to go with the vocals Delores had recorded.  Delores and her wonderful sound will surely be missed, so one last listen to her and the band is certainly a good thing for all of us.



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