The Gillette Ad Everyone is Talking About

Here's the Gillette Ad everyone is talking about. 

Lots of people are weighing in. Some upset, saying it's another attack on what it is to be a man. 

Others, like myself, thing that's a silly way of thinking, and that this ad is a beautiful look into what a man really is and ought to be.

Judge for yourself, then read more of thoughts below... 


One thing is certain to me: all men get emotional about things they are embarrassed about... and that's silly. A real man is emotional, sensitive, and shares it. 

It's the end of acting like a pig. If you want to fight history, good luck. It always wins. That's a good thing too. 

Stop acting like a boy and be a man. Do the right things. Stand up for people. Treat women, and everyone, with respect. Teach your kids compassion. Etc. 

Being a "man" isn't about acting a fool. It's the opposite. There's no war on men. Just a war on morons like Piers Morgan. 

Anyway, let me step off my soap box. What's something you've cried about that you think it silly? It's not by the way. Let's admit these things, because that's what real men and women do... comment on Facebook below... 



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